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exchange items

How i do the exchange of my items


Regarding return of the Product

I ordered two products from shein and both of them have a size issue so i want a size larger than the delivered product, Kindly help me out by providing the customer excutive No. , so that i can contact the executive and process the Return and discuss further details.


not receiving the order

when you people are going to deliver my order? why it is taking so much time? at least you people can give aome updates relating to this na


Want to replace my order

I have ordered one dress on Shein , I have rcvd my order today but now I want either replace or returned the pcs. I wanted to know the procedure


i want to place an order but need halp. is there a phone # where I can talk to someone.

First of all, I need to see a complete list with pics of your tops.I picked out a number of them but I cant seem to get back to the page.

Also, would not take my password!!!HELP!!!!!


I ordered one thing but no confirmation information and mails from ur side how do I know my order status


Status of my order


The status of my order is shipped but yet the result order is not delivered


why does my order say it's processing?

i made a big order with like 10 things in it and my order was divided and is now being shipped in two separate packages but one package has one thing and the rest of the stuff is shipped in the other package says it's paid but the other says it's processing.

but just because it say paid doesn't mean it was shipped so i also don't know how to tell if my order was shipped.please answer asap because it's been 3 days since i placed my order.


I completed my order but I did not see the email response from my order


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